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When I first came here, I just felt that everything in my life was fine. Thought I felt good about myself and others. My life was displayed to me that I was having problems that I wanted to keep hidden. Somehow, it was seen and now I can say, "I'm free." Yes, it's going to take time to completely heal, but it will happen.

- Cassaundra

My testimony is that there was a time where I though my life had no purpose, but Trinity House Academy proved that everyone, even me, have a purpose.

- Mariah

So, I' going to be honest...I personally didn't want to come to a week-long process of being in a room full of girls. But, going through this program has not only helped me get a better relationship with God, myself, my mother, family members, and friends, in the name of Jesus. I've learned how to just be a teen, be more patent, and my prayer life is getting stronger. I thank God for installing this vision to Ms. Yvette. I pray and hope that this program will reach out to any and every girl in need. Because if it can help change my life, then any girl is eligible to go thgrough this program and do the same. 

- Imani