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Why Trinity House Academy?

Young girls need a place outside of their homes where they can get unconditional safety and acceptance. 

Our teens require non-traditional learning experiences to explore their feelings, create a positive self-image and build positive relationships while being empowered to make healthy lifestyle decisions—that’s where Trinity House Academy comes in.

Trinity House Academy helps at-risk teens and youth by providing valuable programs and counseling services that can positively impact their life and the choices they make.

Identifying the characteristics of an “at-risk” teen is more difficult than ever before. An at-risk teen could drive a nice car to school, live in a nice house, hang out with “nice” friends and get good grades. 

The numbers speak for themselves, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Youth in Indiana don’t have to be a victim of circumstance and they certainly don’t have to be a statistic. With help and guidance from THA, at-risk teens are empowered to make positive choices for themselves.

Consider this:

Results from the 2013 national YRBS indicated that many high school students are engaged in priority health-risk behaviors 
associated with the leading causes of death among persons aged 10–24 years in the United States, including;

38.7% have drunk alcohol.
23.1% have smoked marijuana.
20.1% have been bullied.
47.4% have had sex. 
5.3% have had more than four sexual partners

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that Indiana students are more likely to commit suicide proven by the 4% increase between 2003 and 2011 (7-11%).  The same 2012 report says that Marion County, IN has a teen birth rate of 67%, 19% of its’ teen girls have given birth and 24.3% of its’ residents are on welfare. 

Contact Trinity House Academy for more information on our at-risk youth counseling services and programs before it’s too late.