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The vision for Trinity House Academy (THA) solidified after years of working with youth through schools, sports and other youth-serving organizations. With more than 20 years of experience in mentoring and counseling girls and young women, Yvette began the development planning process to create the Trinity House Academy in early 2005. After approximately three years, a curriculum was established and it included the creation of the Remnant for Relationship (R&R) program.

R&R was launched as our first pilot outreach program in the summer of 2008. We gathered partners and volunteers to spread awareness of our cause and recruit young women to be a part of the program. In just a few years we’ve grown from serving approximately 10 families to serving more than 60 families in 2014.

In addition to helping girls and young women, THA also offers parenting classes and family counseling services. As a part of our continuum program, we offer our R&R graduates a mentoring program for young men and women called Guiding Hearts, which is a year-round program. 

THA is in the process of acquiring funding for a home that will be used as our administrative offices and a residential group home facility for young women who are need of support and a safe haven that will allow them to heal, define their purpose, learn life skills and prepare for a self-identified path of success that is based on biblical principles. Trinity House Academy provides a holistic approach to healing and living to encourage better relationships between people and their loved ones.

We have one major fundraising event each year, the Mother/Daughter Retreat. This event is educational and it’s focused on mentoring, character development and relationship building. We also promote higher education and lifelong learning through the introduction of college prep classes, college tours and career opportunity discussions.